IELTS Reading Practice Test
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Database of tourism services
easy for tourism-related businesses to get on the list allowed businesses to

information regularly provided a country-wide evaluation of businesses, including their impact on the

Special features on local topics
e.g. an interview with a former sports

, and an interactive tour of various locations used in

Information on driving routes
varied depending on the

Travel Planner
included a map showing selected places, details of public transport and local

'Your Words'
travellers could send a link to their



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Database of tourism services allowed businesses to update informationregularly

So sánh cụm từ bên câu hỏi và bài đọc, ta có:

 database of tourism services = database of tourism services 

 allowed businesses to update information = businesses were able to update the details 

 allowed businesses to do sth = businesses were able to do sth

 on a regular basis = regularly 

Giải thích chi tiết

Simplify info trong bài: businesses were able to update the details on a regular basis

-> businesses có thể update the details regularly

-> the details ám chỉ information mà businesses tải lên database of tourism services (đã nhắc ở câu trước)

-> Suy ra database of tourism services cho phép businesses update information 1 cách regularly

-> Vậy hành động mà businesses đc phép thực hiện regularly đối với information chính là update

=> Đáp án cần tìm là updatecheck

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