IELTS Reading Practice Test


What point is made in the first paragraph?
The aim of education is to teach people to read
Everybody has a different pattern of reactions.
Print only carries meaning to those who have received appropriate ways to respond.
The writers should make sure their works satisfy a variety of readers.


Simplify & Connection

 1 The end, product of education is the total pattern of reactions and possible reactions we have inside ourselves

 2 If you did not have within you the pattern of reactions that we call "the ability to read.” you would see here only meaningless black marks on paper.

 3 Because of the trained patterns of response, you are (or are not) stirred to patriotism by martial music , your feelings of reverence are aroused by symbols of your religion , you listen more respectfully to the health advice of someone who has “MD" after his name than to that of someone who hasn’t.

 4 “pattern of reactions” is the sum total of the ways we act in response to events, to words, and to symbols. 

Giải thích chi tiết

smiley26 Áp dụng Linearthinking để nắm main idea:

Câu 1 nói sản phẩm giáo dục total pattern of reactions & possible reactions

Câu 2 giải thích cho câu 1 : nếu không có pattern of reactions gọi là "ability to read", ta sẽ chỉ thấy những vệt đen vô nghĩa trên giấy

Câu 3 đưa ra các ví dụ khác về trained patterns of response

Câu 4 cho biết pattern of reactions là cách chúng ta phản ứng lại events, words, and symbols

=> Main idea: nhờ có pattern of reactions (ability to read) - ta có thể đọc chữ

=> Ứng với đáp án C - Print only carries meaning to those who have received appropriate ways to respond.

=> Chữ in sẽ không có nghĩa nếu một người không có "ability to read"

=> Chọn C check

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