An Intro To Pine Garden IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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An Intro To Pine Garden IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

👂️ Audio and questions

Question 1 - 4
Choose TWO letters, A-E.
Which TWO things are included in the price of the tour?
garden gloves
bush timbering lessons
Which TWO facilities of Pine Garden are open today?
plant care centre
gift shop
model town
tourist office
Question 5 - 10
Choose the correct headings for sections.
List of Findings
varieties of desert
edible plants
lawns and lawn alternatives
native plants
storing water
plants attracting wildlife
unified design
soil nutrients

❓ Transcript

An Intro To Pine Garden
Hello, welcome you all to Pine Garden. My name is Manuel. Before you wander off and begin your exploration of the garden, I am going to keep all of you informed of several things about this building.
I know you are eager to start your wandering and exploring, so I will try to keep this as short as possible.
At the very first, I think I should explain to you something that you can do with your ticket. If you would like to be much more into nature, the optimal section is our planting area, where all the visitors can plant small flowers and bulbs on their own.
These plants will gradually grow and then become part of our garden. The activities of planting are totally free. However, if your hands are sensitive, we strongly recommend you to buy a pair of garden gloves in order to protect your skin.
Also, here at Pine Garden, we use wooden materials from the trees that have been felled in our very own pine forest to make carved goods!
If you are interested and want to get involved and try by yourself, you can join one of our bush timbering lessons for free, where you will have the opportunity to make your own key ring with the help of a skilled craftsman.
Our aviary is the most popular attraction, where you can see a whole range of bird species. More surprisingly, it is free to enter this section, yet you should pay a small amount of supplement for the entry to the hummingbird section.
Also, the insect section that is not far from the aviary might arouse your interest. There you will find a number of interesting insects, such as butterflies, pocket ladybugs, dragonflies and so on, and no extra fee for it will be paid.
Unfortunately, some areas are now temporarily limited to visitors today. For example, the gift shop that has been closed earlier this year will remain out of boundary for another month or so.
As I have said before, the restaurant still offers free food and snacks for you, and if you do feel like purchasing a gift, why not buy that special potted bush or orchid from our plant care centre?
What's more, our new treetop cafe is now in the process of construction; it will be very compelling when it's finished. Actually, our model town has already opened in advance, and that is such great interest to the public.
Also, our tourist office is ordinarily available to give tourists many aids. But the officer is sick at home. Please do not be disappointed by this, since our opening visiting areas also provide quite an experience!
I'd also like to introduce our plant experts responsible for the wonderful plant exhibitions here at Pine Garden. Mrs. Mary is one of our specialists, who is personally in charge of our awesome displays that can all be found in the local wild nature.
Mr. Berson is responsible for looking after some varieties of plants that grow in much drier and hotter climates than ours with difficult tasks, which means there is no need to conserve much water for it on site.
If you go into the glass house, there are a large number of plants that he has managed to grow without any need for raining or irrigation. Mr. Smith is in charge of keeping all the visitors fed at our restaurant, which contains some of the varieties that grow under the ground and those that on trees and bushes.
Now, Mr. Nunee here is our specialist on the most universally growing plant in the world: grass! You may have noticed how beautifully green and lush our grounds are thanks to his specialist knowledge. Mr. Acanlan guarantees our soil is compiled with nutrients; all the specialists' habitat is hence supported and encouraged. He succeeded in doing this by fertilizing the earth with his special formula that originally constructed by himself.
At last, I'd like to invite you all to meet Dr. Mandelson, the manager of our landscaping team, who works closely with all other experts to make sure everybody works together to create a landscape that is pretty as well as sustainable. Well, that just about rounds it up. Now, if anyone has any questions...

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Giải thích chi tiết

Mình cần biết hai điều gì đã được bao gồm vào giá vé

=> Đáp án sẽ có sau ''At the very first, I think I should explain to you something that you can do with your ticket.''

Đầu tiên, người nói bàn về planting area và nói là ''The activities of planting are totally free''

=> Việc trồng cây và hoa là miễn phí, nhưng planting không ứng với đáp án nào cả nên mình nghe tiếp.

Tuy nhiên, với garden gloves, '' ... we strongly recommend you to buy a pair of garden gloves in order to protect your skin.''

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