IELTS Listening Practice Test
Background - researcher had previously studied

Had initial idea for research-inspired by a book (the

of a well-known novelist)
Posed initial question - why do some people become experts while others don’t
Read expertise research in different fields, avoided studies carried out in a

because they’re too controlled
Most helpful studies - research into

e.g. waiting tables
Found participants: four true

in creative writing (easy to find) and four with extensive experience
Adopting ‘think aloud’ techniques to collect

data from inexperienced writers. (during session-assistant made

Gather similar data from experienced writers
Compared two sets of data and generated a

for analysis (identified five major stages in writing-will be refined later)
Got an expert

to evaluate the quality of the different products
Identified the most effective

of stages in producing text


Giải thích chi tiết

smiley37 Mình cần nghe xem trước đó researcher đã học/nghiên cứu gì

=> Biết đáp án sắp tới khi nghe "At first, I think certain relevant background information about myself should be known to you all" smiley5 Tiếp theo speaker nói "Before I started my current degree course in cognitive psychology, I studied English literature"

=> Trước khi học cognitive psychology reseacher đã học English literature => Đáp án: English literature check

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