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Example Type of job required:
Answer part-time
Position Available

- Duty: to provide

service - Working hours:

- Requirement: receive

without pay Day off: one day a week (request in advance)

- Requirements: clean and valid license six-year experience - Working hours:

- Duty: to take employers to and from work to collect the 

to pick up the children - Day off:

Cashier in a

- Working hours:  17.30-22.30 - Duty: to sell and dispense tickets to provide refreshments to take

- Day off: Mondays


Giải thích chi tiết

Đáp án cần điền là một nghề nghiệp

smiley30 Nghe thấy "The first one is for a post as a receptionist"

=> Đáp án: receptionist check

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