A Popular Holiday Region: Treloar Valley IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

Luyện tập đề IELTS Listening Practice với A Popular Holiday Region: Treloar Valley được lấy từ cuốn sách IELTS Actual Test 5 - Test 3 - Section 2 kèm Answer key, list từ vựng IELTS cần học trong bài đọc và Free PDF & Audio Transcript Download với trải nghiệm thi IELTS trên máy và giải thích đáp án chi tiết bằng Linearthinking

A Popular Holiday Region: Treloar Valley IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Question 1 - 4
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
The Treloar Valley passenger ferry
usually starts services in April
departs at the same time each day
is the primary means of transport for local villagers
Which of the following is true about the river cruise?
It can be combined a train journey
It’s unsuitable for people who have difficulties in walking
The return journey takes up to four hours
What information is given about train services in the area?
Trains run non-stop between Calton and Plymouth
One section of the rail track is raised
Bookings can be made via telephone or the Internet
The rover bus ticket
can be used for up to five journeys a day
is valid for weekend travel only
has recently gone down in price
Question 5 - 10
Drag your answers in the option list into the boxes.
bus stop
car park
old mill
potter studio

❓ Transcript

A Popular Holiday Region: Treloar Valley
An unspoiled splendid scenery take its shape in the valley and estuary of river Treloar, abundant with wildlife as well as views of historic interest. There are lots of channels to explore the area with the wonderful public transport networks. With just short walks in between spots, it is possible for you to leave the car behind and travel by boat, train or bus.
There is Treloar Valley passenger ferry running between villages, alongside the river estuary and serves as a link with the train station at Barry, from which it takes only 10-minute walk from the riverside village of Carlton.
In the past, the main transport way in the area was the river and as the past, the ferry timetable varied from day to day according to the time and height of the tide. The ferry is also seasonal, usually running its businesses during the period between April and September depending on the weather.
Visiting our website, www. treloarferry.co.uk, it's convenient to download the timetable. If you would like to relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery, just take a river cruise to Carlton and back from the nearby City of Plymouth. Visitors were carried along the same route by steamships in the past. Queen Victoria and her family also enjoyed such trip in 1856.
Today, it takes you few hours during journey, the round trip only lasts for 4 to 5 hours, varying in terms of the tides and weather. You can travel up river by boat and return to Plymouth by train if you prefer. There will be wheelchair access on all the cruise boats and trains.
For more information and departure times, please ring Plymouth boat cruise on 01752823104. Trains travel between Carlton and Plymouth many times a day with different stations in between throughout the year.
Local commuters as well as visitors who fancy the lovely scenery prefer to use the service. What highlighted the journey most is going across the river on the amazing viaduct which was constructed at the early period of the 20th century, and it towers 120 feet over the water.
Tickets can be directly bought on the train so it is unnecessary to book ahead. You can reach National Rail Inquiries by phone or online for more details about fares and timetables. The bus service is now linking all train stations and villages in the zone, specially for holiday makers.
There is a rover ticket including unlimited journeys, which can be used on weekends and national holidays. The rover ticket offers great value for money and is now even cheaper than it was last year.
For adults, a ticket costs 5.50 pounds per day, for senior citizens the cost is 4.50 pounds and a family ticket for up to 5 people only costs 12 pounds. You can purchase tickets on the bus.
At the centre of the Treloar estuary area is the historic riverside village of Carlton. The main road comes into the village from the south and for those who are riding by bus it turns left just before the bridge and stops in the lay-by on the left hand.
From there, it's just a short walk to Carlton's various attractions. If you are arriving by car you have to leave it in the main car park. Go over the bridge, take the first turning on the right, then go on until you come to the end of that road. It's the only place to park in Carlton but there's no charge.
If you're interested in local history, there is a museum in Carlton with farming, fishing and household implements from the late 19th century. As you come in from the south, cross the river and go straight on the same road until you reach the end.
Also, on the subject of history you can go and see the old mill which is recently been renovated and put back into use. Turn left before you come to the bridge then go straight on and take the first turning on the right. This leads straight there.
If you're interested in arts and crafts there's a potter studio where you can watch the artist at work. After crossing the bridge, turn left and it's the second building on the left. Finally when you in need of refreshments, there's a cafe opposite the old boat house, and a picnic area near the mill.

🔥 Answer key (đáp án và giải thích)


Giải thích chi tiết

Mình cần nghe về Treloar Vally passenger ferry

=> Biết đáp án sắp tới khi nghe "The Treloar Valley passenger ferry running between villages..." smiley18 Nghe thấy "in the past, the main transport way in the area was the river"

=> Trong quá khứ thì đường thủy là phương tiện đi lại chính trong khu vực này => Tuy nhiên không nhắc gì tới hiện tại => Đáp án có thể không phải C smiley43 Nghe tiếp thấy "the ferry timetable varied from day to day according to the time and height of the tide"

=> Lịch trình của phà thay đổi mỗi ngày, tùy theo lượng nước thủy triều => Không có lịch khởi hành cố định => Loại đáp án B cross smiley19 Nghe tiếp thấy "the ferry is also seasonal, usually running its business during the period between April and September"

=> Phà hoạt động theo mùa, bắt đàu từ April cho tới September => Đáp án là A check

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