Easytravel Travel Agency IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Easytravel Travel Agency IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

👂️ Audio and questions

Question 1 - 5
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.
The company deals mostly with:
Big cities.
Nature holidays.
The overseas consultants deal mostly with:
North America
For deserts and gorges, customers should come in the:
Trips to regional locations are good because:
The buses are comfortable.
There is storage for suitcases.
They can be seen quickly.
SleekLine buses are particularly known for their:
Question 6 - 10
Identify the rooms in the office plan. Write the correct letter, A-G, next to the questions.
AT6_L1_P2_EasyTravel Travel Agency_NoOpt.jpg
Local Tours
Interstate Tours
International Tours
Asian Region
General Office

❓ Transcript

EasyTravel Travel Agency
Hello everyone. Now, you’re here because you’re interested in travel, right? And you’re in the right place, for at EasyTravel, we have the best deals for the best locations. We specialise in eco-travel, or holidays designed to get you amongst nature, ignoring the hustle and bustle of big cities.
So, whether you want to hike in Nepal, as many people do, or follow some jungle paths in the rainforests of Queensland, we can give you the best deal.
If you look at our office here, you’ll see our overseas consultants. That’s for trips overseas, obviously, to Europe, to North America, but primarily for the Asian market, which is generally more popular in this part of the world.
Most people like that touch of the orient, right? But they also like the domestic market, since this country offers its fair share of beautiful natural vistas. What about the deserts, anyone? What about some striking red-rock gorges?
Then, talk to our domestic consultants, who can arrange anything you want. But they deal with the accounts in the morning, so you’ll need to talk to them in the afternoon. And remember, our office doesn’t open at night, sorry to say.
Now, around the outskirts and outer regions of this city, there are many beautiful places that you might not be aware of. And the advantages of these regional locations are many.
Mostly, by being closer, some of them can be done in a day tour. Yes, it’s fast and convenient, with none of those long-haul bus trips which often leave you cramped and uncomfortable, and stuffing heavy suitcases into luggage racks.
But, I should tell you about our buses, those that are needed for the somewhat more distant holiday destinations. They definitely do not suffer from those problems I just mentioned. We use the services of the famous Sleek Line Company, whose buses are known as the very best.
Yes, they are big, yes, they are comfortable, but what makes them especially different is the personal attendant, who accompanies the driver, ready and willing to serve you , and ensure that your trip is the very best. So, whether it’s overseas or local, we can certainly give you what you want. Now, do you have any questions?
Right, let me orient you to our main EasyTravel office here. On this table right beside us are travel magazines for you to browse through, and on the wall next to that are many more, for all parts of the world.
Our four travel consultants sit over there, on the other side of that long counter. That’s right, four of them, side by side, all serving various regions.
Now, let me tell you their specific functions. Firstly, the consultant on the left, next to the plant, is the ‘Local Tours’ consultant, serving tours in the immediate vicinity of this city. Next to her is what we call ‘Regional Tours’, targeting the state- wide options.
Next- to her is the ‘Interstate- Tours’, and that can involve either buses or planes, in the former case, utilising the SleekLine Bus service, as you know.
And finally, next to her, in the corner, is ‘General Enquiries’, which is self- explanatory. If you have questions of a general nature, rather than one relating to specific destinations, you can go there.
Now, as I said, we can do international tours, and for that you need our big office, just through that door - the one between those two plants. However, if your international tour is in the Asian region, which is generally our most popular option, then we deal with that in a separate room the one opposite International Tours, but not; the corner one.
Just go through that door on the left - the one next to that cupboard. The door next to that is, in fact, our General Office, so please don’t go through there. That’s reserved for staff members only.

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