Anglia Sculpture Park IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Anglia Sculpture Park IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Question 1 - 6
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
The land where the Sculpture Park is located was previously
completely covered by forest.
the site of private house
occupied by a factory
What is unusual about the Anglia Sculpture Park?
Artists have made sculptures especially for it.
Some of its sculptures were donated by the artists.
It only shows contemporary sculptures.
What is the theme of Joe Tremain’s ’burnt sculptures?
the contrast between nature and urban life
the effect of man on the environment
the violence of nature
The path by the Lower Lake
is rather wet in some places.
has recently been repaired
is difficult to walk on.
What does the speaker say about the Visitor Centre?
It is being enlarged at present.
It has received an international award.
It was designed by a Canadian architect.
Today, visitors can buy snacks and sandwiches
at the kiosk.
in the Terrace Room.
at the Lower Lake Café.
Question 7 - 10
Label the map below Write the correct letter, A-F.
OCG_L7_S2_Anglia Sculpture Park_NoOpt.jpg
Joe Tremain sculptures
Giorgio Catalucci bird sculptures
Garden Gallery
Long House

❓ Transcript

Anglia Sculpture Park
Hello everyone and welcome to the Anglia Sculpture Park, Right, well, the idea behind the sculpture park is that it's a place where works of art such as large sculptures and carvings can be displayed out of doors in a natural setting.
As you'll have noticed when you drove here, most of the land around the park is farmland. The park itself belonged to a family called the De Quincies, who had made a lot of money from manufacturing farm machinery, and who also owned substantial stretches of forest land to the north of the park.
They built a house in the centre of the park, not far from where we're standing now, but this burnt down in 1980 and the De Quincies then sold the land.
The Anglia Sculpture Park isn't the only one in the country: several of the London parks sometimes display contemporary sculptures, and there are a couple of other permanent sculpture parks in England.
But we're unique in that some of our sculptures were actually created for the sites they occupy here, and we also show sculptures by a wider range of artists than anywhere else in the country.
For example, at present we have an exhibition by Joe Tremain, of what he calls 'burnt' sculptures.
These are wood and stone sculptures that he's carved and marked with fire to illustrate the ferocity and intensity of the forces that have shaped our planet over millions of years.
They look really dramatic in this rural setting: To see some of the sculptures, you'll need to follow the path alongside the Lower Lake. We had to renovate this after the lake overflowed its banks a couple of months ago and flooded the area. The water level's back to normal now and you shouldn't have any trouble, the path's very level underfoot.
You should be back at the Visitor Centre at about four o'clock. If you have time it's worth taking a look at the Centre itself. It's not possible to go upstairs at present as builders are working there adding another floor, but the rest's well worth seeing.
The architect was Guy King. He was actually born in this part of England but he recently designed a museum in Canada that won a prize for innovation in public buildings.
If you want to get something to eat when you get back, like a snack or a sandwich, the Terrace Room is currently closed, but you can go to the kiosk and buy something, then sit on one of the chairs overlooking the Lower Lake and enjoy the view as you're eating.
Now, let me just tell you a bit about what you can see in the Sculpture Park. If you look at your map, you'll see the Visitor Centre, where we are now, at the bottom, just by the entrance.
Since we only have an hour, you might not be able to get right around the park, but you can choose to visit some of the highlights.
You might like to take a look at the Joe Tremain sculptures which are displayed on this side of the Upper Lake just behind the Education Centre and near the bridge. They're really impressive, but please remember not to let your children climb on them.
One of our most popular exhibitions is the Giorgio Catalucci bird sculptures - they're just across the bridge on the north side of Lower Lake. I love the way they're scattered around in the long grass beside the lake, looking as if they're just about to take to their wings.
You could also go to the Garden Gallery. It's on this side of the Upper Lake - from the Visitor Centre you go to the Education Centre, then keep on along the path and you'll see it on your right.
There's an exhibition of animal carvings there which is well worth a look.
We also have the Long House - that's quite a walk. From here, you go to the bridge and then turn left on the other side. Soon you'll see a winding pathway going up towards the northern boundary of the park - go up there and you'll find it at the top.
They have some abstract metal sculptures that are well worth seeing if you have time. OK well now if you’re …

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