Notes On Library IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Notes On Library IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Question 1 - 6
Complete the notes below.
Notes on Library
Question 7 - 10
Label the library layout below.

❓ Transcript

Notes On Library
Good morning everyone. I’d like to welcome you all to Westley University Library.
This is a 20-minute tour around the library to show you all the facilities and all you will need to know to start off your life here as a student at the University.
What I’ll start by doing is telling you about what you need to do to join the library].
Then I’ll briefly tell you about our facilities and then I’ll guide you quickly round and show you everything.
So to join the Library you need to go to the reception between the hours of 9am and 5pm.
After that the reception closes, though all the other facilities will stay open until 10pm.
At the reception they’ll give you an application form. After you fill that in, you’ll have to give us the fee of five, which you have to give us every year that you’re a member of the Library.
We will also need to see your University Card to confirm that you’re a student of the University and finally we’ll need 2 passport photos – 1 for our records and the other for your Library card.
You will need to do all this as soon as possible so you’ll be able to use the facilities at once.
I’m sure your workload will begin to build up soon!
Now, let me tell you a bit about the facilities.
The Library opens daily from 8am to 10pm though, as I told you earlier, the Reception operates only between the hours of 9am and 5pm, although this is extended to 6.30pm on Fridays to give students more time to organise their book requirements for the weekend.
The reception is closed on sundays.
Undergraduate students are permitted to take out 4 books at any one time and each book may be borrowed for a period of two weeks. post may borrow 6 books at a time.
Borrowing time can be extended by a period of one week per book if the student comes into the Library in person with the book in question so it can be reached].
We do not renew book borrowing over the phone. If you are late in returning any book, then you will be charged a fine of two for every week that you are late.
You won’t be able to take out any other books until this fine is paid.
his is not a method of earning money for the Library but merely what we have to do to ensure that all students have access to all the books that they will need.
Ok then. Onto the layout of the library.
We’re on the ground floor of the library at the moment. Here we have the reception, the computers, which you can use to search for books and their location, and the bathrooms, which are behind the reception.
The rest of the ground floor is taken up by the non section of the library.
Here we keep all the books, which are either too valuable or are used too much to lend out.
You can reserve time with these books at reception and use them during any time that the library is open but, of course, you may not remove them from the Library.
On the first floor above us, we have the Arts section, which includes books that students will need for such as languages, literature, art and history.
On the second floor is the science section. We’ll see these in a minute.
Of course, individual departments will usually have their specialist libraries in their buildings, though the computer catalogs]here will list them so you know where to find everything, whether it’s here or in the specialist libraries.
Finally, in the basement we have the stack system, which contains the University collection of magazines and journals that we have collected and to which we subscribe.
If there is anything that we do not have or that you can’t find, please go to reception and let them know the details.
The University operates a swap system with other universities and we can arrange for volumes that we do not possess to be sent here on a limited loan.
Well, those are the basic details about the University Library.

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5 pound fee

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smiley5 Speaker nói "At the reception they’ll give you an application form. "

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smiley18 Rồi tiếp tục nói "After you fill that in, you’ll have to give us the fee of five pounds, which you have to give us every year that you’re a member of the Library."

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