Advantages Of Stanfield Childcare Centre IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Advantages Of Stanfield Childcare Centre IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

👂️ Audio and questions

Question 1 - 6
Complete the table.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.
Advantages of Stanfield Childcare Centre
Question 7 - 10
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.
NB You may use a letter more than once.
List of Findings
has her own children?
often sleeps at the center?
is good with shy children?
is a good cook?

❓ Transcript

Advantages Of Stanfield Childcare Centre
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Stanfield Childcare Centre. Now I know you're all new mothers, and you like to cling to your children. You’ve certainly spent a lot of time raising them to the age of four and are perhaps reluctant to leave them here at our centre.
Well, one of the first things you should understand is that here it is safe — very safe. Look around and you'll see that every room has padded walls. Other centres have standard painted walls, but here, we have invested a lot to ensure your children will not hurt themselves when running around and possibly tripping over.
This padding extends around all corners — that is, the areas most likely to bruise and cut your active little child. So, you can rest assured that any accidents of a physical nature are not likely to happen here.
Now, you don't want to dump your child at this centre and let them waste their time. You want them to learn, and that’s one of the greatest assets of our establishment.
Our staff are not only trained childcare workers, but all of them have a special skill, which they can imparl to your child, whether it be teaching the ABC, some basic mathematics, artistic skills, or physical education. We are particularly known for our pre-school literacy program and have a wealth of learning toys, specially designed to develop your child's potential.
Of course, one concern many mothers have is that, in environments such as these, colds and flus and other viral nasties can be easily spread around. It’s a very legitimate concern, and one which we take seriously, and we pride ourselves on our precautions.
For a start, unlike most centres which clean with standard detergents, we disinfect every surface at the end of every day, using a special disinfectant wash. Some places just wipe surfaces daily with a damp cloth, but not us. And that’s just the start.
We also physically check your children when they arrive every day, and if we feel your child is sick, we ask him or her to wear a face mask to ensure germs are not transmitted.
If your child is noticeably sick, then we ask you to take them back home to recover. This might sound a little unkind, but we hope parents can understand that these measures are for the benefit of all.
Now, at Stanfield Childcare Centre we have excellent childcare officers, and let me briefly introduce them. We have Susan, Andrea, Bella, Cathy, Lisa, and Liz. They’re all fully trained and come with some individual assets which make them even better.
Bella, for instance, knows children very well, having worked here for five years, and Cathy has her own family — two little girls — so she can talk to you with first-hand knowledge of what it’s really like to raise children.
But getting back to Bella, she often relaxes here after work, spending long hours chatting to parents, as does Cathy in fact. But in terms of hours, nothing can compare to Andrea, who will sometimes spend the night here, staying in our overnight room.
Why? Because this centre is very friendly, and simply a great place to be. Bella, for example, used to be quite shy herself but now is marvelous with the little kiddies, as outgoing as any of them.
We let Cathy, though, deal with the particularly quiet and introverted children, since having her own family, she knows what can really bring them out.
Of course, what better way to do this than with yummie homemade cakes, and Cathy often gets these from Bella, who can make some of the best in town. Yes, everyone here brings something special, which is why we’re one of the best childcare centres in the business.

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Mình cần nghe về walls (walls are ___)

smiley37 Mình nghe được là "Look around and you'll see that every room has padded walls"

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