Pacton-On-Sea Bus Tour IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Pacton-On-Sea Bus Tour IELTS Listening Answers With Audio, Transcript, And Explanation

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Question 1 - 4
Complete the table below Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.
Question 5 - 10
Complete the sentences below Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.
You need to have a

to buy a ticket for £10.
The bus tour lasts

in total.
The cost of the bus ticket includes entrance to the

You can listen to an audio commentary which has been made by the

If the weather is wet, it is a good idea to bring
Don’t forget to bring your

when you book online.

❓ Transcript

Pacton-On-Sea Bus
Thank you for calling the phoneline for the Pacton-on-Sea bus tour. This is a recorded message lasting approximately four minutes and it provides general information on the town bus tour.
Pacton-on-Sea is a beautiful west coast town and has attracted tourists for many years. One of the best ways of getting to know the town is to take the bus tour, which provides a wonderful viewing experience from one of our open-top buses.
The tour is a round-trip of the town and there are a total 4 stops where passengers can get on and off the bus.
A lot of people start at the first stop which is at the train station as this is where many tourists arrive in the town. The next stop after the station is the aquarium which is famous for its dolphin show and which has recently expanded to include sharks.
This is well worth a visit and is very reasonably priced. Leaving the aquarium, the bus tour goes along the coast road and after a few kilometres comes to the Old Fishing Village where you can get off to stroll along the waterfront.
There are some original buildings here but most of the area has been modernised and is now used as a harbour for all kinds of sea craft including yachts and some amazing power boats. The tour then heads off to the last stop and this is where most of the shops are.
So for those of you keen to do a bit of shopping this is the place for you. Our advice is to go to this part of the town in the morning when it is relatively quiet.
It does get very busy in the afternoons, especially at the height of the season. This area of the town includes an ancient water fountain where many people like to have their photograph taken - so do look out for this.
Now some details of the costs and timings. A family ticket, which includes two adults and up to three children, costs £30.
An adult ticket costs £15, children under the age of fifteen are £5 and student tickets are £10 as long as you have a student card. All tickets are valid for 24 hours, which means that you can get on and off the bus as many times as you like within a 24-hour period.
So you could, for example, start the tour in the afternoon and complete it the following morning. The first bus of the day leaves the station at 10 am and the last one of the day leaves at 6 pm.
Buses leave every thirty minutes and each tour takes a total of fifty minutes. There are many attractions at each of the stops, so wherever you get off the bus there will be plenty to do.
The bus tour tickets do not include entrance to any of these attractions apart from the museum which is located near the aquarium. Some buses have local guides, who will point out places of interest and will provide information on the town.
However, we cannot guarantee that every bus will have a guide and so we also have an audio commentary that has been specially recorded for the bus tour by the tourist office.
Headphones are available on the bus and these are easy to operate. There is no extra charge for these - just plug in, select the required language and adjust the volume.
Due to winter months being rather cold and wet in Paction-on-Sea, the bus tours only operate from March to September. The weather is usually warm and sunny during these months so remember to bring some sun protection, especially on hot days.
And of course, it does occasionally rain here in the summer so if the weather looks bad, remember to bring some rainwear. The bus tours are available no matter what the weather.
At the height of the summer the tours can get very busy so you are advised to book. You can book tickets online, over the phone and also at the station and at any of the other tour stops.
When booking over the phone you can collect your tickets at any of the stops at the start of your tour. When you do it online you can print your e-ticket which you must remember to bring with you.
Thank you for calling the Pacton-on-Sea phoneline and we look forward to seeing you soon on one of our tour buses.

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smiley5 Mình cần biết có thể xem gì ở aquarium (dolphin and .... )

=> Đáp án sẽ có sau ''The next stop after the station is the aquarium ...''

smiley36 Mình nghe được là ''... which is famous for its dolphin show and which has recently expanded to include sharks.'' => Mình có thể xem cá heo và cá mập. => Đáp án là sharks check

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